AEMM biotech capital investment is a family office which support organizations as long-term partner aiming to generate through sustanaibility and transparency value for all stakeholders.


When we decide to ignite a new investment we bring into the organization all our passion, experience, network, long term perspective and creative competence to succeed in the dynamic world we live in.


We aim to develop any organization in which we invest through sustanaible business practice and the “infinte game” perspective.


AEMM biotech has been established in 2008 in Milan as a management consulting firm aiming to support the development and internationalization of midd size manufacturing companies located in North of Italy, South of Germany, Switzerland and Rhone Poulenc.

The goal was leading growth through globalization, mainly into the medical space, ensuring long term development and easier entrance to worldwide markets for any investment.

The Covid 19 pandemy, the war in Ukraine and the new world order which is reshaping the supply chains and off-shoring many manufacturing facilities back to Europe and USA are forcing all of us to think long term and consider sustanaibility, transparency and environment matters matters in every choice we do.

The decision of opening a second office in one of the financial hub of Europe (Luxembourg)  has been taken to become a strategical partner for companies in the Netherlands, North of Germany and France, Belgium and the Scandinavian markets.


AEMM biotech capital investments is partnering with other family-offices, entrepreneurs and institutional investors who share the same values and long term horizon approach.

Leadership style

As in every family, we at AEMM care for people therefore we establish close personal relationship across the invested companies acting all together, supporting each other and thinking long term to succeed and achieve sustanaible return.

Benefit for our investment vehicles

AEMM does combine risk taking and entrepreneurial mindset with state-of-the-art corporate management, whereby we always provide, when needed, close operational support to our portfolio companies through our fast decision taking, pragmatism, digitalization, transformation and organizational change, strategical approach aiming to reshape of the market landscape and more…